Silk Scarf How-To Library

Quick and Easy How Tos

My favorite tutorials, always cute, never complicated silk scarf tying tricks.

Tie a square silk scarf

Meet my go-to, start here, its easier than it looks. they all are.

Tie your square scarf - one knot, six ways

Tie a long scarf into a sling bag or fanny pack

Yes really. This is surprisingly easy, useful and a neat party trick.

Fashionable and feminine - tie your long silk scarf like a necktie 

Scarf Style - More neck tie styles for your long silk scarves 

Turn your long silk scarf into sleeves for your sundress

A surprisingly quick and easy way your long silk scarf can protect you from the sun

Long silk scarf tutorial - knot at your throat - easy, stylish and warm

Tie a long silk scarf - easy and elegant neck wrap


Long silk scarf how-to - the pretzel knot

New square silk scarf tutorial