I'm Arin, color advocate, pattern addict, and the big boss (and sole proprietor) of Mrs Fishkin.

When the pandemic hit, I managed my isolation and uncertainty by designing prints to brighten my lockdown cave, being productive with my anxiety. When I looked up, my home was different, my mood and outlook were different and I saw a path to changing my creative business.


I learned that I can change my mood and outlook with color and pattern. I call it self-medicating with color.

My alter ego @arinfishkin has been an independent graphic designer for 20 years for some really cool folks. But a recent ADHD diagnosis helped me change my work to fit my brain and shift away from 100% client projects.

So, Mrs Fishkin is the colorful love child of the Pandemic and ADHD.

Mrs Fishkin products are made with high quality natural materials, printed in Montreal in a facility that pays a fair wage and provides a safe work environment.