Auspiciously born on 4/20/1969 in New York, Mrs Fishkin refused Barbie dolls and played with minibar liquor bottles instead. She painted inappropriate and misspelled graffiti, and listened to bands before you heard of them. She landed in San Francisco in the 90s, brushed up against celebrity but was never infected. 

Mrs Fishkin's style icons are Iris Apfel and Mrs Roper. Inspiration comes from growing up in the 70's; the wallpaper, the afterschool cartoons, the sugary cereal, and Marrimekko sheets.

IRL Arin Fishkin does graphic design work for the Women's March, Burning Man, and other great folks. The blah of the pandemic and the fog of ADHD led Arin to self medicate with color and patterns and her alter ego, Mrs Fishkin, was born. You can't stop us now.

Mrs Fishkin products are made with high quality natural materials, printed in Montreal in a facility that pays a fair wage and provides a safe work environment.

Self medicate with color - Wear silk scarves. It's legal.