I made you a Mother's Day Card

Let's do something good together!

Make a donation to one of two very worthy causes - info below - and get a Mother's Day card I designed for just this occasion as thanks. Grab your free Mother's Day card, which, let's face it, you probably need and do something good for women. The mamas in your life will love it.


Love You Mama, mother's day card

No need to buy anything to get your card, but if you're looking for a Mother's Day gift, I do have some suggestions.



Step 1 - Choose your cause

Worthy Cause #1 - Brigid Alliance
Abortion rights are under attack, you know all about it. Let's throw our support to Brigid Alliance who helps folks seeking abortion care in hostile states, and gets them where they need to go. Motherhood should be a choice.
Donate to Brigid Alliance here 

Worthy Cause #2 - Free Black Mamas
Bail mothers out of jail to be with their families on Mother's Day. Thousands of people languish in jail because they can't afford bail. These folks have not been convicted of a crime. Pre-trial incarceration is a catastrophe for families and communities.
Donate to Free Black Mamas and National Bailout

Step 2 - Make a donation
Whatever you can afford, generosity is encouraged and appreciated. Share a screen shot of your donation in the form below, I'll send you a link to download your card.

Step 2 - Print your card
At home, or at your local copy shop. Use good quality paper stock if you can get your hands on it.

Step 4 - Feel the love
Tell the mama receiving the card that you did a good thing in their name. They will love it.

Step 5 - Please share 
Help make a bigger impact and spread the word to your friends and family.


Thank you so much!

Arin (Mrs) Fishkin